Fitterclub a new fitness membership site

Today I started a membership with Fitterclub, an online fitness and health hub that provides workout plans and meal plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. I found a one-year membership available from Stacksocial (affiliate link) for $19. Quite a good deal considering the standard price is £59 for four weeks, or £590 for an annual membership! With a focus on personalised workouts and meal plans, Fitterclub fits well with my idea of holistic health and fitness – and $19 is at the level where I think most people can take a risk and not lose too much if the concept doesn’t work. The Stacksocial deal (affiliate link) is time-limited, and you can see how long you have left below, and if you buy through my link I’ll get a little cut (currently 8%) at no extra cost to you.
Now, £590 per year is a lot of money – it works out at just under £50 per month – and is vastly more expensive than my current gym membership! Luckily, my account says it will renew at £99 per year, which is much more reasonable. I don’t know whether this applies just to Stacksocial customers, or if everyone gets the £99 renewal fee. [add image of account renewal] I can’t say that joining Fitterclub will change your life. But, if you want to live more healthily, bringing food and exercise together is important, and the Fitterclub platform does this. I can’t say at this stage whether Fitterclub works, but I was convinced enough to give them a try, and I’ll be posting my progress on this blog.

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