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How long is a triathlon?


If you are looking to get started in triathlon, then you will want to know how long a triathlon it. There are a number of regulated-length triathlons, which vary in distance, but have the same balance between swim, cycle and run.

Super sprint

  • Swim 400m
  • Cycle 10km
  • Run 2.5km


  • Swim 750m
  • Cycle 20km
  • Run 5km


  • Swim 1,500m
  • Cycle 40km
  • Run 10km

Half-Ironman (70.3)

  • Swim 1,900m
  • Cycle 90km
  • Run 21km


  • Swim 3,800m
  • Cycle 180km
  • Run 42km

Triathlons for children

Children can also take part in TriStar events, which also vary in distance based on age.

TriStars Start (Age 8)

  • Swim 50m (pool) or 50-100m (open water)
  • Cycle 800m (grass) or 1.5km (tarmac)
  • Run 600m

TriStars 1 (Age 9-10)

  • Swim 150m (pool) or 150-200m (open water)
  • Cycle 2km (grass) or 4km (tarmac)
  • Run 1.2km

TriStars 2 (Age 11-12)

  • Swim 200m (pool) or 200-300m (open water)
  • Cycle 4km (grass) or 6km (tarmac)
  • Run 1.8km

TriStars 3 (Age 13-14)

  • Swim 300m (pool) or 300-500m (open water)
  • Cycle 6km (grass) or 8km (tarmac)
  • Run 2.4km


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